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We believe in a Team Approach:

We believe that good planning and execution on financial goals makes a real difference in people's lives. Individuals and familes who don't have to live for the next paycheck are likely to be less worried and less stressed about money.  People who have adequate cash reserves, are likely to live without debt, and are likely to have sufficient long term investments in which they are free to invest time, energy and money into things they really care about:  their familes, communities, schools, and civic and religious organizations.

Wondering How or Where to Start?

Take a moment to answer a few quick questions and then decide;

  • Are you employed?
  • Does your company or firm offer you a retirement plan?
  • Have you changed jobs?
  • Are you considering retirement?
  • Are you planning for your child's education?

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When properly done, we find our financial planning
addresses seven important areas:

- Goals
- Current Financial Position
- Risk Management
- Retirement Planning

- Investments
- Tax Planning
- Estate Planning